List of WCR record reviews

A Lull - Confetti
Airiel - The Battle of Sealand
Alive Day - Blindsided by Hope
An Aesthetic Anaesthetic - Before the Machinery of Other Skeletons
Archie Powell & the Exports - Skip Work
Architecture - When We Were Young
Assembly, The - The Tide Has Turned

Backroom, The - Reagan Era Rocketship
Bad Bad Meow - Big Phat Pussycat
Barefoot on Bumblebees - Everything Shiny Is New
Black Arrow - Blood Calls
Blah Blah Blah - Thank You Thank You
Braam - Damn the Dream Killers
Briar Rabbit - Briar Rabbit and the Company You Keep
Bright White, The - Until Then
Brontosaurus - Cold Comes to Claim

Cains & Abels - Call Me Up
Cains & Abels - The Price Is Right
Calm Palm Vapor - Morning Pacific
Camera - Fire & Science
Canasta - The Fakeout, The Tease and The Breather
Carbon Tigers - The Burrows
Carta Marina - End of an Era
Carta Marina - Hold the Ghosts
Caw! Caw! - Wait Outside
Clip Art - Broken by Design
Color Radio - Architects
Company of Thieves - Running From a Gamble
Cousins - Axthoxy
Creepy Band - Songs to Kill Yourself To

Daniel Knox - Evryman for Himself
Dastardly - May You Never...
Derek Nelson - Something Obscure
Derek Nelson & the Musicians - Riders of the Tide
Diemakers, The - Assault All Your Senses
Dogs, The - Camping

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons - Mysterious Power

Fall Fox - S/T

Gidgets Ga Ga - The Big Bong Fiasco
Glossies - Phantom Films
Gold Motel - Talking Fiction

Helicopters - Sizing Up the Distance
Hemmingbirds - Death Wave
Honest Engines - The French Song EP

Ian Hoffman - Dome Swan
I Fight Dragons - Cool Is Just a Number
Innocent, The - S/T
Insecurities, The - Ban the Kiss Hello
Insecurities, The - Show Your Teeth
Island of Misfit Toys - Bear Hair
Its!, The  - Mistakes

Jackpot Donnie - Music Nightly
Jon Drake & the Shakes - Side A
Jonny Rumble - JR

Kickback, The - Great Self Love
Kickback, The - Mea Culpa Mea Culpa

Lily Schaffer - Lemonade
Lissie - Catching A Tiger
Lissie - Why You Runnin'
Living Blue, The - Walk, Talk, Rhythm, Roam
Locals, The - Big Picture
Lost Cartographers, The - Walk On

Manwomanchild - S/T
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Buzzard
Mark Minelli - Cover Me in Moss
May or May Not - A Kaleidoscope of Egos
May or May Not - Head on Springs
Michael Lux and the Bad Sons - Neat Repeater
Mickey - Rock N' Roll Dreamer
Model Stranger - Dreams & Bones
My My My - Leather Silk
My My My - Little Cat Plays the Alpha Rave
My My My - Wishing You Whatever's Best

Narrow Sparrow - Synthworks
Netherfriends - Netherfriends Does Nilsson
Northpilot - The Bright Brigade

Office - A Night at the Ritz
Office - Mecca
Ornery Little Darlings - O Is for Ornery

Palace Flophouse, The  - Bad Friends Forever
Pale Balverines - Farther Than the Dock Can Take You
Peacekeeper - Fireworks
Pear Traps, The - S/T
Pet Lions - Houses
Pet Lions - Soft Right
Pillars and Tongues - The Pass and Crossings
Pinto & the Bean - The Waiting Place
Project Film - Chicago

Rocket Miner - Songs for an October Sky

Sad Brad Smith - Love Is Not What You Need
Safes, The - Sight of All Light
Santah - White Noise Bed
Sapiens, The - Vs. the Hornet
Save the Clocktower - Carousel
Secret Colours - S/T
Shams Band, The - Champagne
Shapers - Little, Big
Skybox - Arco Iris
Skybox - Morning After Cuts
Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde
Smoking Popes - Stay Down
Snowsera - Fictions
Soft Speaker - I'll Tend Your Garden
Soft Speaker - Stranger in the Alps
Static in Verona - Life-Sized Replica
Steak House Mints, The - Out of the Sky
Streets on Fire, The - Hot Weekend

tenniscourts - Dig the New Sounds of tenniscourts
Tinted Windows - S/T
Tiny Magnets - Daughters of the Frontier
Tiny Magnets - Time to Try
To Destroy a City - S/T

Village - Local Moves
Volcanoes Make Islands - Sick City
V Sparks - Biscuits and Tea 

Whales - S/T
Whigs, The - In the Dark
White Mystery - Blood & Venom
Wilco - Wilco (The Album)

YAWN - Open Season
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
Yearbooks, The - Have A Great Summer
Young Jesus - Home
Yourself and the Air - Who's Who in the Zoo

1900s, The - Cold & Kind
1900s, The - Everybody's Got a Collection
1900s, The - Medium High
1900s, The - Plume Delivery
1900s, The - Return of the Century