About WCR - Gene Wagendorf III

It's a lot easier to write about other things than it is to write about yourself. Unless you're talking about writing critically. I mean, I could talk shit about me for hours. For one, I'm a Smashing Pumpkins fan and a White Sox fan. I wonder which I take the most shit for? I write poetry (how embarrassing!) and if you'd like to read some and tell me it sucks then check out Kill Poet, Ditch, Word Riot, O Sweet Flowery Roses or Vowel Movements. When not poorly stringing stanzas together I write about all things Chicago over at UPChicago.com. It's not a bad gig, though my editors don't seem crazy about my doing all my work on a typewriter and then sending them the carbons. I'm sorry, it just smells better. Other good smells: bowling alleys and old books. Discuss.

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