Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Preview: Springtime Carnivore at Thalia Hall, 10/30/14

By Eliana Siegal

The side project of Greta Morgan, Springtime Carnivore is an infectious one-lady band steeped in dreamy nostalgia. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Morgan has been in bands for the past ten years, first founding The Hush Sound at sixteen and her sunny pop project, Gold Motel, in 2009. Long-time listeners will be delighted to find that Morgan has only gotten better with her latest project. The self-titled Springtime Carnivore LP – due out November 4th – effortlessly reflects the growth Morgan has achieved as an artist over the past years. Morgan's confidence is enchanting, and there's a wisdom in the music that makes her a joy to listen to.

Listening to the Springtime Carnivore LP is much like taking a trip back to the far-away past. Each song is a faded Polaroid picture, a moment preserved like a dried flower pressed between a hardback book. Opening your ears to the album sets all those memories free. Springtime Carnivore takes you back to all those days barefoot on heat-warmed pavement, and brings back to mind all those nights necking in parked cars underneath streetlights. Though on the surface this album contains shimmery gems of folk-pop, there is an underlying current of melancholy in many of the songs as well. Greta Morgan holds your hand and walks you back through the moments when you thought you were infinite, and stays there with you through the moments you realized you weren't.

Take a listen to the album here, and catch Springtime Carnivore live at Thalia Hall this Thursday, October 30 with Generationals and Glass Lux (more info and tickets here).

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