Thursday, May 1, 2014

Video: Le Tour - 'Beat Up'

By Gene Wagendorf III  

Local psych punks Le Tour have released a video for their oh-so-perfectly-titled track 'Beat Up.' The tune is, as the name suggests, a complete fucking bruiser- one that demands the volume on your speakers get cranked to the max. Your neighbors might not like it, but fuck them, a track this heavy deserves to be played loud.

After you've crumbled your building to its foundation, be sure to dig your calender out of the rubble and make note of Le Tour's two upcoming Chicago shows; May 5th at The Empty Bottle with Absolutely Not, MAMA and Flesh Panthers, and May 31st at Cole's with Flesh Panthers and Hollow Mountain. Those are two pretty solid bills, and both are FREE, so don't fuck up. In the meantime, check out that sweet Justin Reid Tvedt directed video below:

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