Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Video: Cave - 'Shikaakwa'

By Andrew Hertzberg

Ahead of the release of their new album Threace (October 15th, Drag City), Cave have shared a music video featuring the lead single "Shikaakwa," one of only five tracks on Threace. The video was directed by Nick Ciontea, aka brownshoesonly.

While their next official Chicago show won't be until November 8th at the Empty Bottle, the band is playing on a boat tomorrow on the Chicago River. Hold on. In case you started hallucinating while you read that, I will repeat. CAVE IS PLAYING ON A BOAT IN THE CHICAGO RIVER. And you thought they couldn't top the flatbed truck stunt. The band will begin where the river meets the lake at 5 PM and travel until 7 PM let's be honest, until the cops shut it down. Until then, check out the video:

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