Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Show review: The Werks at Bottom Lounge, 4/19/13

By Melissa Bordeau

What better way to spend the eve of 4/20 than with The Werks at the Bottom Lounge? The Werks call themselves a “psychedelic dance rock band," and after seeing them live, it’s an accurate description. The entire crowd was filled with hula hoopers and ravers dancing the night away.

A highlight early in the set was “You’re Not Alone,”  a classic jam song lasting over 10 minutes. It was one of those songs where just when you think it's coming to an end, the band surprises you by coming out of the jam and into the chorus. This is the song that really reminded me of Umphrey’s McGee; the band completely jammed their hearts out and the light show was insane.

At just around midnight the band did a cover of “Smoke Two Joints,” and it was a great way to carry on the night. The drummer, Rob, was lead vocals for this song, and many others.

“Hush” was another highlight. It's a great sing-along song that sounded amazing live and at this point of the night, the crowd was getting down. The piano solo was jazzy and delicious.

The Werks are performing at a ton of awesome summer festivals, so if you have a chance to see them make sure to get your dancing shoes and glow sticks ready!

Set List: OG, Duck Farm, You're Not Alone, Music, Galactic Passport, Better Half, Cloudhopper, Smoke Two Joints, Cloudhopper, For Today, Hush, E: Hard To Find, Drums, Hard To Find

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