Friday, May 10, 2013

Keith Masters' 'Very First Time' Radio Takeover

By Melissa Bordeau

Chicago electro-pop/hip-hop artist Keith Masters' music has been heard on the likes of NBC’s "The New Normal" and the NFL Network, but now he has set out to get his new single "Very First Time" on the radio--and he's looking for fans' help.

Keith set up a Kickstarter campaign where people can donate to the cause. He's giving everyone who pledges a download of “Very First Time” before it is officially released, and other rewards include a spot in his new music video, an eco-friendly belt from C4 belts, Modify watches and more.

Come meet Keith, hear his single and enjoy free food, free drinks, and free entry at his listening party next Saturday, May 18th, located at 821 S. Western Ave (Western and Taylor). See details here, and check out our interview below for more on Keith and his goal of "Radio Takeover."

WCR: Being from Chicago, I am sure you are excited about the Bulls' recent success. If they win the entire thing, what is the first thing you will do?

KM: Give the person standing next to me a big kiss on the mouth and pray that it's a gorgeous women and not a fat old dude.

Why do you want to get your song on the radio?

It's always been a dream of mine...I mean, I'm a true musician at heart and every musician wants to have that moment when they're listening to the radio and then all of a sudden, their single comes on and they start hi-fiving everyone. I want that moment.

Any specific radio station that you want to get your single on?

I think it's perfect for Kiss FM. That seems to be what my "industry" friends think, too. It should be playing on Kiss FM this summer. Kiss FM, please play "Very First Time. Kiss FM.

Why Kiss FM?

They play songs that sound similar to "Very First Time" and that's the place where Dance/Electronic/Pop songs get a lot of support. I think the listeners there would really fall in love with my song.

What does Very First Time" mean to you?

It's a bit of a double entendre, because it refers to the story of the song where two people have fallen in love and it feels like they are perfect for each other and they've known each other forever; when in fact they've only met and started talking for the first time. It's also a statement for me, saying that I'm ready to do something for the first time, and that is to create music that is viable for the mainstream and radio rotation.

What is something you have to do to get yourself in the zone, when writing music?

I need to have stimulus. There's so much in my head all the time, it's difficult to unlock it without things going on around me. I have to be listening to music, the TV has to be on, I have to have books around me, bright colors around. It helps me to let some of the craziness go and get it down in writing. I can write anywhere though, on a train, in a car...I've written songs in store while shopping for clothes before.

Who is the most influential music group to you?

I'd probably have to say A Tribe Called Quest. They were my favorite...they made me want to be living in New York and rhyming. And still, even though they embodied hip hop, they were progressive and Q-Tip did more than just rhyme words. There was something very musical and connected about what they made me want to do more with hip hop.

What is your favorite concert memory?

I might have to say it was seeing Beck live with MGMT at the Aragon. Beck is one of my favorite artists and it was incredible hearing him live. MGMT opened and was so bad. I mean, they are terrible live. It was interesting to see how you can still be extremely successful now, even without putting any effort into your live show.

What do you feel is the strongest song you have on your last album?

I'd say it's "King Kong"'s probably the best representation of me. Great electronic production, driving dance beat with a personal declaration on the chorus. That's what I'm about...excellent writing. It may be easy to forget sometimes because I'm such a versatile artist, but I’ve rhymed with some of the best in the business and I'm an emcee when it's all said and done.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I honestly don't. I can't say where I'll be, I'm just happy where I am. I'm just living in and loving the moment.

If you had one million dollars, what is the first thing you would buy?

I'd buy a crib where I'd convert one floor into a fully stocked recording studio so I can wake up, make music...take a nap, wake up and make more music.

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