Monday, April 15, 2013

Show review: Shiny Toy Guns, Dirty Heads, Midi Matilda, Oh No Fiasco at House of Blues, 4/10/13

By Melissa Bordeau

If you have not been to the House of Blues to see a show, you need to go to the House of Blues to see a show. No matter what floor you are on, whether you are smack dab in the middle of the crowd on the first floor, or sitting on the third floor in a private seating room, the sound quality is all the same--perfect. Trust me, I would know. I was all over that venue this past Wednesday for the Oh No Fiasco, Midi Matilda, Shiny Toy Guns, and The Dirty Heads show.

The five piece band Oh No Fiasco started off the night. The strongest song from Oh No Fiasco’s set was “All Systems Go.” The crowd responded best to that song. The band was very theatrical- dancing all over the stage--a lot of head banging going on. Lindsey, the lead singer, did seem a little nervous in the beginning of the set, but she warmed up to the audience by the middle, which was when the band really started to shine.

Logan the dancing drummer and Skylar the lead guitarist with sexy blue and purple hair make up the indie-rock band Midi Matilda. Wow. Their stage presence was unbelievable. Logan was dancing all over the stage, at one point both band members broke out into a choreographed dance. This is a band you must see live, not only for their great dance moves, but they really put on a show for you. Their energy is amazing. Logan was smiling from ear to ear the entire night, and Skylar was grooving on his electronic guitar. Yes, his guitar had no strings--it was literally a touch screen guitar. Awesome.

Now the crowd is really hyped up and ready to see Shiny Toy Guns. The curtains are slowly pulled back to reveal a smoked filled stage. Mikey, the drummer, Jeremy the keyboardist and Chad the lead guitarist come onto the stage and the crowd goes crazy. Carah follows behind, belting out “Carrie” as their opening song.

What remained steady throughout STGs' entire set was their energy level. Each member was vibrant, full of liveliness and love. They were genuinely happy to be playing for the crowd and you could tell.

The crowd was dancing and singing along to the music. Carah expressed how much she appreciated their energy. She said, “This is love. This is life. I am so happy right now.” She was dancing and having a blast, which reflected on the crowd.

Seeing the two openers and then STG, the biggest difference I noticed was how the band members interacted with each other on stage. It was apparent that STG were very experienced playing together and interacting with each other on stage--it didn’t feel awkward or forced. At one point throughout their set, Carah took a mouthful of water and spit it out onto each band member and they each reacted with a smile. This moment reflected how much fun they were all having with each other. Seeing a band having so much fun makes you have so much fun. They were performing because that’s what they love to do, not because it’s what they have to do.

The set list was a perfect blend of old and new songs and went something like this:

1. Carrie
2. Ghost Town
3. Somewhere To Hide
4. Le Disco
5. Don’t Cry Out
6. Rocket ship
7. Major Tom
8. Speaking Japanese
9. Fading Listening
10. You Are The One

The strongest song from their set was "Major Tom," an older song. Carah’s voice was mesmerizing. She completely shined during this song, it was hypnotic.

Jeremy was playing three keyboards throughout the entire set, which showed off his talent. Mikey is ridiculous on the drums, his rhythm was on point and Chad’s vocals were beautiful. The four talented musicians that make up STG did a marvelous job at their show on Wednesday and the crowd definitely enjoyed it.

The last band to perform was Dirty Heads. They rolled out the carpet for this show, literally. Each member was standing on their own carpet. They started off their set with “Dance All Night.” The entire crowd was going wild for this song, singing along, dancing, even moshing. Their show was great--they are superb musicians, and very nice people to talk to. Unfortunately I didn’t catch much of their show as I was talking to Shiny Toy Guns during their set, but I did meet them after the show and they are wonderful guys. If you like Sublime, check out Dirty Heads.

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