Monday, April 15, 2013

Record review: Rainbow Gun Show - 'Cinderella Sizzle'

By Gene Wagendorf III   

The confidence with which Cinderella Sizzle is executed is impressive, especially considering the fact that this 7-inch marks the formal debut of the rockers behind it. After cutting their chops on a couple of self-released recordings, Rainbow Gun Show tapped two of the strongest tracks from 2012's Not Quite A Butterfly for their Hozac Records coming out party. The result is a wheel of vinyl loaded with fuzzy, catchy pop that begs (and earns) multiple listens.

The title track jumps out of a fizzling, carnie melody to rubberize the necks of anyone within earshot via a hard-driving riff reminiscent of Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up." Roaring guitars chug across a limber bass resulting in an energy as inspiring as Costello's jam, yet a little more suede, a little less pandering. Credit for that falls on the shoulder's of the tune's cooly delivered vocals- a croon that falls somewhere between MGMT and Thurston Moore. "Cinderella Sizzle" carries an infectious momentum from start to finish, making it one of those special songs that shines as brightly on the dance floor as does at a rock club.

B-side "Demon U-Wave" is an all together different animal, charmingly clumsy and pleasantly simple. The spacy little love song oozes blippy loneliness, invoking thoughts of solitary astronauts clutching tear-stained letters or a woman on a cold, steel ledge gazing upwards as a blue orb slips into the stratosphere. Rainbow Gun Show aren't pushing any boundaries or doing anything shockingly new on the tune- instead they offer up an easy two minutes of buzzing synths and twinkling melody.

Cinderella Sizzle does a remarkable job of showcasing Rainbow Gun Show's range in just two tracks and roughly five minutes, making it the perfect introduction to a band furiously gigging around town. Their live shows more than live up to the potential suggested on this 7-inch, and it shouldn't be long before RGS is playing to bigger crowds from a bigger stage. Get in now before they blast off.

'Cinderella Sizzle' is out now and available for purchase from Hozac Records and on iTunes. You can see Rainbow Gun Show live on Wednesday, April 24th at Double Door ($7, 8pm, 21+) and  on Sunday, April 28th at Cobra Lounge ($8, 8pm, 21+). Check out 'Cinderella Sizzle' below.

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