Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Podcast: Notes and Bolts presents Disappears

By Kriss Stress

disappearsnotesandboltsWCR has joined forces with Notes and Bolts to bring you a regular podcast full of Chicago music goodness. Check out a stream and overview of the latest episode below.

It took us a little under a year, but Notes and Bolts have hit the 100 episode mark. If you'd asked us when we started this show if things were going to go in this direction and still be running 11 months later, we'd have had no idea! In today's episode, we're hanging out with 3/4's of Chicago titans, Disappears, and talking about their newest self released 12", an upcoming full length on Kranky, and how Serge Gainsbourg informs their sound.

To run in tandem with this episode, Notes and Bolts are also offering a limited lathe cut 7" featuring two unreleased tracks from Disappears. It's available - as all N+B's previous lathes have been - for only ONE WEEK. So act fast!

Complete Playlist:
Disappears - Kontakt
Lijadu Sisters - Danger
Caetano Velos - Coracao
Vagabundo Yamasuki - Yamasuki
Adelbert Von Deyen - Time Machine
ESG - Dance
Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con/Bonus Beats
Disappears - New Cross

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