Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Podcast: Vamos

By Kriss Stress

WCR has joined forces with Notes and Bolts to bring you a regular podcast full of Chicago music goodness. Check out a stream and overview of the latest episode below.

Here in episode 088, we're wrapping up the third installment in a trilogy featuring the sibling bands Magic Milk, Rabble Rabble and Vamos. In today's episode, we hang out with Josh Lambert and Ryan Murphy of Vamos and talk about accidentally finding a bass player, getting lost in New York City, and being stranded along the Lincoln Tunnel.

Complete playlist:
Vamos: Can't Take You Home
Ty Segall: Can't Talk
Nirvana: Drain You
Vamos: There's No Stopping Me
T. Rex: Solid Gold Easy Action
The Rolling Stones: Get Off of My Cloud
MC5: Kick Out The Jams
Vamos: Chemicals
Vamos: Stones

Song commentary:
Vamos - "Can't Take You Home": Haha, we hadn't slept that night at all, it was in the morning, Josh had passed out, and I started working out this lick I had in my head. I was listening to a lot of Born Ruffians at the time. I think that has a lot to do with the style and the choices on the guitar. I think it was the 4th song we ever worked on together. I woke Josh up and we wrote the song. The lyrical content was basically just made out of sounds I made in the vocal pattern. It eventually became about meeting that person that you want but you can't because there's a person that your with. We hated this song after a month of playing it. The only reason we kept playing it was because Will's bass line is a really infectious walk, I think.

Ty Segall - "Can't Talk": I think that we all agree that Lemons is probably his best album in terms of arrangement. The epsilons are better in my opinion-rougher and more original I think. This song has a really rad energy. His vocal choices are weird and add a really nice contrast to the straight forward riffing in the verse.

Nirvana - "Drain You": I'm not even gonna bother explaining why this song/album/band is the one thing we all agree on. We probably wouldn't be playing music if not for Nirvana. We would probably be living with our moms eating chicken wings and playing video games with our tail between our legs like a bunch of suckers. I'm sure josh and will would both say, Im lucky to have met you.(vice versa ;)

Vamos - "There's No Stopping Me": 2nd song we ever wrote together. The melody came out during a jam. We stuck to it, worked it out. Josh did most of the work lyrically. The songs about riding your bike....when your super hungover -late for work/7 missed calls/ poor life choices, but there's that one moment where you can't hear anything. Almost like a brief deafening of your senses before you barf your brains out. sucks though. You got 20 minutes, and you gotta bomb balls to the shop. You don't get a minute, but shit, hustles a drag.

T. Rex -  "Solid Gold Easy Action": This song is probably the closest thing to punk T. Rex ever gets. It's structure reflects the content. It's quick, easy action. The drums in the song are def the best thing about this song. The tempo kicks ass especially when it fluctuates during the chorus.

The Rolling Stones - "Get Off My Cloud": We definitely have our differences when it comes to which aspect of the Stones are our fav. Is it the ride or the catalog? I'm still trying to answer that question, but regardless they wrote some rad tunes. "Cloud" is layered so much, which is awesome because it sounds so raw. The guitar played I believe is an acoustic played recorded on a cassette and then cranked on a small speaker. love it. Micks voice is super soulful and really carries the song.

MC5 - "Kick Out the Jams":  Such a great record too. It's a shit recording but its so much better that way. We draw a lot of energy from these dudes. I wouldn't say we're super influenced. We just really like this band.

Vamos - "Chemicals": Yeeeaaahhh this song is about drugs and we like Iggy and the stooges.

Vamos - "Stones": "Stones" was written the day of a show we had at....must've been Quenchers. We felt its groove super hard and went with it. We played the song that night. I remember it going over well.....or maybe not. Recording it with Jason Richards really made stones the song that it is. The same goes for chemicals too. Stones is a jam. We definitely cut our teeth on this track. I started messing with my tone. Josh really nailed the slow fill. Will well killed it on bass, and it's obvious in the track because the bass is so prevalent. The song waxes sexual, which it is, but it's more about foreplay. It pertains to the moment when you see someone your really into to. you finally sink your teeth into the moment and your juiced up enough to make a move. Shocker. It's taken with resentment. I.e. "we're just like you, but we're not throwing stones." I decided lyrically to take a more sarcastic, at times primal, take to it. "We like wolves" Basically what we end up trying to say is: hey we're all human here, give me an inch before you show me a mile.

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