Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Podcast: Magic Milk

By Kriss Stress

WCR has joined forces with Notes and Bolts to bring you a regular podcast full of Chicago music goodness. Check out a stream and overview of the latest episode below.

Here in episode 086, we hang out with Magic Milk and talk crazy times, band formations and altercations with gun toting alderman. Part 1 of 3 in a trilogy of episodes chronicling sibling groups Magic Milk, Rabble Rabble and Vamos.

Playlist and band commentary:

Magic Milk--"Girls": It's about a couple of rad girls that are in my life.

Link Wray--"Radar": It's got a loud tambourine, and it's still perfect

The Pleasure Seekers--"What a Way to Die": Our band is about this song

Adrianao Celentano--"Il Seme Del Rap": Adrianao Celentano's 1972 incredi-dance stomp masterpiece, completely about nothing, completely complete with a chillingly Nancy Sinatra-like lady cameo, courtesy of Celentano's wife, sometimes producer and total babe Claudia Mori. For some reason despite her babely-ness they used a model that (surprise) looks like a lot like Nancy Sinatra to lip sync her part on the very popular broadcast of the show on Italian network R.A.I. Since then the song has become some what of youtube hit in recent years with many postings, the most popular having about close to 2 million views. Everybody always likes this song when you put it on.

Los Saicos--"Demolicion": This song is important to Magic Milk so we tried to honor it along with one or two other songs with a song of our own called "Demolition Blue." This song is not included on the podcast and we're going to stop playing at shows, without warning, whenever we feel like it.

White Fence--"Get That Heart": I was on big kick for this album for a good min. It was a really good min. So many good songs, hard to pick a stand out. This one's rad to me cuz it makes me think of the phrase "youth power" and youth power is rad.

Redd Kross--"White Trash": I like this one because if you are just white trash, you had better watch what you say to me, because i'll tell you about this song.

Funkadelic--"Can You Get to That": This is the great groovy gravy tune off Maggot Brain that makes you vibe positive big time. Even if you just think about this song it makes want to be better to people even if it's just so you can up your karma count in your soul checkbook.

Nobunny--"I Am a Girlfriend": Nobunny is a big hero of mine and I rip him off all the time because he showed me how to rip stuff off bands you like. He took the guitar riff from a Milk'n'Cookies song that was just "pretty cool" and crafted it in his own image and in the process created something much more powerful. Contrary to what some have assumed I did not rip off the idea perform sans pants from Nobunny, we both cut our teeth in the same area of the country, under the punishing sun, among the jack-o-lopes. When these jack-o-lopes get together and play music it is a common occurrence for them to disrobe. Obviously it had an influence on the both of us.

Magic Milk--"Spooky Pizza Graveyard": Like many of our songs this recording was completely spontaneous, recorded in one take and never rehearsed. We like to release these kind of songs many times because it embraces a philosophy summed up by one of Bukowski's briefest works, the poem: AS THE SPIRIT WANES THE FORM APPEARS.

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