Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Go to There: February 19 - 25

By Andrew Hertzberg
Sonoi (via Facebook)
Tuesday, February 19th: Sonoi at Empty Bottle (9 PM, 21+, $8)
Indie-folk band Sonoi throws in ambient sounds and experimental structures to separate themselves from a genre that’s easy to make bland. Not to mention how difficult it is for a trio to pull of such an expansive sound, but Sonoi indeed manages to do it.

Wednesday, February 20th: Sharkula at Subt Lounge (9 PM, 21+, $7)
Nearly a decade ago, the Reader profiled Brian Wharton, emcee and street hustler who’s been rapping for 25 years. A year ago, an article in Forbes showed he’s still doing whatever he can to promote his craft. Catch him live with a few other local rappers; prepare with this mini-doc ahead of time.

Thursday, February 21st: Why? at Lincoln Hall (7 PM, AA, $20)
Neither a conventional rock band, nor a hip-hop band considering they’re on Anticon, and way too experimental for how poppy some of their songs are, Why? has found a comfort at venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and playing with artists from as wide of a variety of backgrounds as their own genre-bending sound.

Friday, February 22nd: Future Ghosts at Quenchers (10 PM, 21+, $5)
Now that all of the legal issues have been sorted out, local Future Ghosts are ready to hit the scene again. If you still haven't picked up Light On Canvas, all sales through the end of 2013 are being donated to charities.

Saturday, February 23rd: Yawn at Subterranean (9:30 PM, 17+, $10)
Always a favorite of WCR, Yawn is back and promises to play new, unreleased material. Sister Crystals and Grades open up the show.

Sunday, February 24th: Panda Riot at Saki (4 PM, AA, FREE)
If you missed the shoegaze/dreampop band’s record release show Friday at the Hideout, see them perform at a more intimate space.

Monday, February 25th: Dada Trash Collage at Burlington (9 PM, 21+, $7)
Some band names perfectly define their music. With a similar sound to Yawn (who’s name is the opposite of their sound), this Brooklyn band layers sounds that are surreal and unexpected while maintaining danceability.

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