Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go to There: January 15 - 21

By Andrew Hertzberg
Wild Belle (from Facebook)
Tuesday January 15th Nootka Sound at Schubas (8 PM, 21+, $6)
Nootka Sound is an inlet off the Pacific Ocean against Vancouver Island in Canada. It is also a local indie-jazz group, headlining a record release show along with like-minded artists that expand the realm between jazz, funk, soul, and pop.

Wednesday January 16th Born Ruffians at Lincoln Hall (9 PM, 18+, $15)
The Canadian trio known for yelping vocals, angular guitars, and impatient tempos has been quiet for a little bit, but the promise of a new album is on the way. This show kicks off the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival at Schubas, Lincoln Hall, and the Hideout that goes on through Sunday.

Thursday January 17th Wild Belle at Lincoln Hall (9 PM, 18+, $15)
Continuing with TNK is a Chicago band that’s been on numerous watchlists for 2013. The core duo relies on siblings Natalie Bergman’s wonderful vocals and Elliot’s baritone sax, creating a unique combination of African and Jamaican influence.

Friday January 18th Hemmingbirds at Beat Kitchen (8:30 PM, 21+, $8)
Hemmingbirds released The Vines of Age in the fall of last year. “One of our main goals is to weave some beautiful arrangements with moments of dissonant chaos,” guitarist Yoo Soo Kim told Alternative Press, a theme the group succeeds with throughout the indie-rock record.
Saturday January 19th Ono at Coles (10 PM, 21+, FREE)
If you missed them the night before at Quenchers, the performance art group continues its support of last year’s late release, Albino. Hell, even if you saw them at Quenchers, each show will be entirely different, as planned by these setlists. With Jimmy Whispers and Battleship.

Sunday Janary 20th The Hudson Branch at Schubas (9 PM, 18+, $15)
Wrapping up TNK, the Hudson Branch open this show ahead of the release of a new EP. As with last year’s World Kid, the piano-led indie-folk band craft catchy and melodic songs, with more restraint than excess.

Monday January 21st Femi Kuti at Metro (8 PM, 18+, $25)
While his father may have achieved legendary status, the son’s been making challenging, creative, and danceable Afrobeat tunes with the Positive Force for over 25 years.

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