Thursday, December 20, 2012

Go to There 2012: The Bands

By Andrew Hertzberg

Outer Minds
For those following this column closely, you’ve probably noticed some names consistently popping up. Here is the list of bands that made the Go To There column more than one time. Essentially, this column promotes bands that not only are great to see live, but that play often enough that you’ve no excuse to miss ‘em next year. I think the best thing about this list shows how diverse the Chicago music scene is. Dream Pop, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Afro-Funk, Psychedelic, Folk…they all have a place in this city. When I first started this column at the beginning of the year, it was an experiment to see if I could keep up with the scene. In return, it’s allowed me to better contextualize everything that goes on in this city. While plenty of touring acts have blown me away, it’s nice to know on any given night, I’m more than likely to discover a new local favorite. Relevant links posted for every band; try not to get overwhelmed:

A Lull
Advance Base
Al Scorch
Angel Olsen
Apteka / Pink Frost
Archie Powell and the Exports
Big Colour
Bone and Bell
Chance the Rapper
Dark Fog
Ezra Furman
Future Ghosts
Health and Beauty
Heavy Times
The Hecks
Kids These Days
Le Tour
Magic Milk
Massive Ego
Michael Lux and the Bad Sons
Mucca Pazza
Occidental Brothers Dance Band Int’l
Outer Minds
Panda Riot
Paper Mice
The Pear Traps
Pillars and Tongues
Rabble Rabble
Radar Eyes
Ryley Walker
Secret Colors
Summer Girlfriends
Tin Tin Can
Tiny Fireflies
Unicycle Loves You
Warm Ones
White Mystery

(Inter)National Edition:
A smattering of non-Chicago artists made the list more than a few times themselves, so here they deserve an honorable mention as well:

Dustin Wong
Gauntlet Hair
Heavy Cream
Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang
K Holes
Spires That in the Sunset Rise

Check back tomorrow for Go To There 2012: The Venues, to find out the best spots to see all of the mentioned above. In the mean time, who was your favorite band to see live in 2012?

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