Thursday, November 29, 2012

Show preview: A Night Out With Moniker Records at the Empty Bottle

By Rachel Angres

Chicago-based label Moniker Records was created by the sharp-eared Robert Manis, a Permanent Records employee who decided to devote his life to signing eclectic musicians that offer up an intense range of sounds.

You can get a sampling of Moniker artists next Wednesday, December 5th at the Empty Bottle. Chicago’s psychedelic and much loved ONO will be teaming up with the magnificent freak-folk mastermind John Bellows, covering/backing song(s) of Bellows and playing music of their own. In addition, Kansas City punk band Lazy, Milwakee's Stacian, Bay Area-based solo artist Jealousy and Chicago’s The Hecks will take the stage.

Manis will be giving away cassettes and CDs—which will feature material from all the bands that are set to perform that night. Moniker Records will also be selling releases by way of the merchandise booth after the show.

This is a rare opportunity; not only for DIY enthusiasts but also for all music lovers alike--to witness these artists all coming together in one place on one night. In other words, it shouldn’t be missed.

$8 pre-show, $10 at the door. Also, according to the Permanent Records blog: "“Hang on to the handbill you get at the show, as it'll be good to cash in for a 10% discount off your next Permanent purchase!”

For a pre-show taste have a listen to Moniker's playlist on Soundcloud.

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