Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Record preview: Shiloh - 'Mrs.'

By Gene Wagendorf III   

Just under a year removed from the release of their debut full-length All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers, the jammy folksters in Shiloh are wrapping up work on a follow up. Set for an early January release, Mrs. finds the group hitting familiar marks while taking a logical step forward. Present is the elegant piano work, smooth strumming and poetic whisper that made Strangers so magnetic. Ratcheted up is the playful bounce and enthusiastic delivery that earned the band comparisons to groups like Weezer and The Replacements.

Of the three tracks that Windy City Rock got an early listen to, "Busted Rusty" would have most comfortably fit on the band's last album. The song's slow jangle is illuminated by bright keys and lamenting vocals with just the right amount of electric drizzling. "Midwestern Sigh" is far crunchier- a celebratory grunge-folk tune that mixes moments of giddy aggression with twinkling pop hooks. Most refreshing of the three was "Immaculate Man," an Elvis Costello-esque ditty with a lollipop-sweet guitar solo. The tune harvests energy throughout its five minutes, never truly exploding but always pushing forward.

Listen to "Immaculate Man" below and keep an eye out for the release of Mrs. on Shiloh's bandcamp. You can hear tracks from the forthcoming record live this Sunday, November 25th at The Empty Bottle when Shiloh joins Rambos, Panda Riot, We Repel Each Other, Massive Ego, Tiny Fireflies and DJ Miss Alex White at the Rock For Kids Charity Jam (6pm, 21+, $5-15 donation).

Shiloh - Immaculate Man

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