Monday, October 1, 2012

Listen to a New Song from Creepy Band: 'Doomsday Device'

By Sasha Geffen

It's October again, and the ghouls and ghosts of Chicago are stirring from inside their forest hollows. The leaves are starting to bleed red, and Creepy Band is poised to unleash their debut LP onto the earthly realm. But first, the horror punk quintet will wreak their special breed of havoc on Ultra Lounge a week from Friday on 10/12, joining fellow horror rockers Sinister Fate and Calabrese for a loud night of grisly noise. They'll then head to Subterranean for an album release show on Samhain itself.

Creepy Band's upcoming LP The Curse of the Cloak will feature fresh recordings of the tunes on their excellent Songs to Kill Yourself To EP, as well as a few brand new songs. Listen to one of the previously unrecorded cuts from the album below, in which the band stirs some hefty metal riffs into their punk rock cauldron.

You can pre-order The Curse of the Cloak now for a devilish $6.66, or pick up the record from the band themselves at Subterranean on 10/31. 

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