Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Go to There: September 4-10

By Andrew Hertzberg

Show You Suck (via Facebook)
Tuesday, September 4th: Angel Olsen at Reckless Records (Wicker Park) (5 PM, AA, FREE)
The release show for Angel Olsen’s Half Way Home out on Bathetic Records. In brief, she simply has a gorgeous voice, and being backed up by minimal folk tunes gives it some room to breathe. It’s no wonder Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (who she toured with) was attracted to it.

Wednesday, September 5th: Show You Suck at Schubas (18+, 9 PM, $10)
Can’t neglect the facts forever: Chicago has great hip-hop, and not all of it promotes violence and smoking weed. Show You Suck still shows depth and simultaneously can make undeniably fun music with a hint of silly. Mo Slices Mo Problems is a great one that fell under the radar late last year. 

Thursday, September 6th: Panoramic and True at the Burlington (9 PM, 21+, $5)
Orchestral indie-pop that reminds me of Beulah’s best days with a more rugged side. When John Lennox’s voice hits things a bit on the yelpy side, those strings bring everything back to the melodic, in a constant dance between tension and cohesion.

Friday, September 7th: Unicycle Loves you at Beat Kitchen (8:30 PM, 21+, $8)
If you missed the release of Failure earlier this year, it’s not too late to pick up on the power-pop-on-the-brink-of-surf rock. If you’re looking for a dissonant guitar rock that’s got melody to uphold the swagger, this is where you want to be.

Saturday, September 8th: Ono at the Whip (10 PM, AA, $5)
A live-favorite of mine, no two Ono shows are alike. Even when they play the same songs, the performance art aspect of it is always a treat to watch. With the recent closings of many of the best DIY spaces, it’s hard to say how long anything will last in the underground, so get here while you can. All pertinent info on the Book.

Sunday, September 9th: Chance the Rapper at Reggie’s Rock Club (6 PM, AA, $17)
Second hip-hop installment of the week. 10 Day is one of the best mixtapes out this year. Chance is a young guy, but he’s got plenty of potential, and will hopefully show the world that Chicago hip-hop goes beyond the gangsta rap.

Monday, September 10th: Dustin Wong at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+, FREE)
The looping guitar maestro returns, after the recent and unexpected dissolution of Ponytail. Rhythmic, experimental and melodic all in one go.

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