Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Go to There: July 10 - 16

By Andrew Hertzberg

The Warm Ones eating watermelons on a tank
Tuesday, July 10th: Warm Ones at Subterranean (7:30 PM, 21+, $8)
The Warm Ones transition between nasty garage rock and more light-hearted power-pop without a flinch. Check out their album Sprezzatura up on SoundCloud to get a hint of what to expect live.

Wednesday, July 11th: Supreme Cuts at Empty Bottle (9 PM, 21+, $12)
Supreme Cuts are the Chicago "it" band in the electronic scene right now (see cover page of the Reader last week). But that’s quite an unfair descriptor, since the band is influenced by a myriad of genres, that eek their way subtly into their music. This is the release show for Whispers in the Dark, out today. Check out our review of a show of theirs last November, where Reagan described their sound as “sleaze layered on with a heavy, sweaty hand.”

Thursday, July 12th: Kids These Days at Taste of Chicago (4 PM, AA, FREE)
The Taste has never really been that attractive to me, but it’s hard to pass up a free gig in a park by one of Chicago’s best young bands. The Taste website says they’re Blues/Hip-hop, which is a definition that, well, leaves a lot unmentioned. Check out their performance on Conan then stop by Grant Park, pay for some overpriced food, and see ‘em for yourself.
Friday, July 13th: Cobrafest at Cobra Lounge (9 PM, 21+, FREE w/RSVP)
Because theres not enough festivals this weekend. When Pitchfork empties out around 10 o’clock, go right around the corner to this three day fest that offers Heavy Cream, White Mystery, Jaill, King Tuff, the Psychic Paramount and more. Full schedule can be checked out here. Oh yeah, and it’s absolutely free if you RSVP ahead of time.

Saturday, July 14th: Bitchpork IV
No location or set times just yet, but the people behind Bitchpork promises the show will go on, even with the recent death of previous host Mortville. The DIY alternative to Pitchfork features local and national left-of-center acts like Tyvek, Apache Dropout, Spires the In the Sunset Rise, Run DMT, Gel Set, Dreebs, and many more. Check out the full lineup here, and keep an eye out for places and times.

Sunday, July 15th: The Olivia Tremor Control at Reggies (8 PM, 21+, $5 or FREE w/RSVP)
Missed the Elephant 6 veterans at Pitchfork? Don’t worry about it. This official after party is free with an RSVP. There are no advanced tickets, but they are offering a chance to watch it on TVs on their rooftop bar once they hit capacity.

Monday, July 16th: Paper Mice at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+, FREE)
No matter how exhausting the weekend is going to be, this is one show I can’t miss. Paper Mice release their second album (recorded in an elementary school gym) and if it’s anything like Paint it Pink, it promises to be full of fast, razor-sharp and razor-witted tracks in the vein of the Minutemen.

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