Monday, June 25, 2012

Record preview: Hot & Cold - 'Border Area'

By Rachel Angres

Beijing-based brother duo Hot & Cold is one of the several bands that has caught the attention of Robert Manis--the man behind Chicago's Moniker Records--who decided to sign them while listening to their cassette tape at a dive bar in Ukrainian Village.

The duo's highly anticipated album Border Area has the kind of crunch and crisp ubiquity that few other artists can capture. Visualize a crazed man on the street, screaming nonsensical banter somewhat melodically. Add drums and hums, and you have Hot & Cold. The percussion is combative and casually flawless, each beat insistent and fierce. They keep the beat with traditional gongs, heavy bass guitar and some keys. As stated on Moniker's website:

Border Area signifies a drive to follow creativity across borders, across cultures, delivering music that moves beyond expectations or trends.”

Perhaps it is familial, or maybe instinctual, but the music sustains a cohesion that is chaotic at times and near-enchanting at others. This record is a near flawless premonition, a foreshadowing of what the future of music could become.

Border Area is out July 17th. For more information, check out Moniker's site and hear/download the track "Out of the Grey" at

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