Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leaf Bird cassette release show at Reversible Eye, 6/22

By Rachel Angres

Leaf Bird is a Chicago-based four-piece that includes Charles Rumback, Tyler Beach, Stefan Brown, Dev Brown and Larry Robertson. On their Plus Tapes exclusive release Diamonds From the Cherry Mine Vol. 1, 13 tracks are filled with a miscellany that seduces the listener; the track “Sadaildade," for example, is a lo-fi slow-burner with Beach melodically plucking away at an ecclesiastical electric guitar. Other songs are full of grit and painstaking vocals, like the mourning croons sung by Robertson in “You’d Never,” a track that can give chills to even the thickest of skins. The songs are a compilation of eclectic improvisations that exude the band's raw talent, making up a record that should be preserved as though it were a rare jewel; cased and then placed on repeat in a tape deck to cherish forever.

Leaf Bird performed Friday at Reversible Eye, with opening performances by My Dad and Bone & Bell, and Todd Novak of Hozac Records spinning records before and in-between sets. The night went off with out a hitch, even with the cancellation of a scheduled set from Heavy Times; the crisis was averted when three-piece House Sounds played a last minute set upon request.

When Leaf Bird got on stage the nerves of both the members and the audience only enhanced the already psychedelic feel, with reverberated sounds of Rumback on keys and a backdrop of images generated from an old projector onto the wall behind them. Shoulder to shoulder the crowd stood bewildered and in suspense.

The band's buildups to the inevitable hook in each song were performed flawlessly. Everyone left a bit sweaty, but also filled with giddy anticipation…realizing that they may have stumbled upon the new up and coming "it" band of Chicago.

Check out more photos from the show below.

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