Friday, May 18, 2012

Video: Maps & Atlases - 'Remote & Dark Years'

By Frank Krolicki

I admit, I've always had an instant negative reaction every time I've heard the term "math rock." I don't think math is very fun. It was always one of my least favorite subjects in school, so why would I want math infused in my music? Having seen Chicago's own Maps & Atlases described with those words many times, I've been a bit cautious about diving into them. But it seems on their latest album Beware & Be Grateful the band has toned down their mathiness in favor of melodies that are more memorable and an overall spirit that, as a listener, I find a lot more appealing to take part in. One example is the track "Remote & Dark Years," which recently got the video treatment with director George Salisbury (who's the principal art director and video director for the Flaming Lips). Check it out below.

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