Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New track from The New Diet - 'Miles and Days'

By Sasha Geffen

Emerging with their first material since the Common Cold cassette release last November, The New Diet hollow out enormous hazy caverns in your ear-space with new track "Miles and Days." Don't be fooled by the slow start: "Miles and Days" ends up flailing, howling and gnashing its teeth by the time it's through. Androgynous yelps dart over billowing chords as this thundering vessel of a song rockets towards the outer reaches. Applying lo-fi grit to an ambitious scope, The New Diet layer shoegaze textures over a driving build to create a fantastically exciting sound.

"Miles and Days" will be released in June on a split 7" with Binary Marketing Show on Already Dead Records.

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  1. Thanks! Windy City Rock for the amazing review, means a lot to us, thank you so much, you guys are awesome!!!