Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hear two new tracks from Clip Art

By Frank Krolicki

photo: Brad Meese
While Chicago indie pop act Clip Art's recorded output has been minimal so far--they released a 5-song EP titled Broken by Design in 2010--the quality of their tunes and live shows has made them a band worth keeping on the radar. Now, they've built up their catalog a bit with two new tracks that are available as "name your price" downloads on Bandcamp.

The first track, "Death v. Decline," is musically jaunty, providing an instantly appealing backdrop for Andy Rosenstein's smooth, clear vocals and clever lyrics. Like Broken by Design's intro track "Dead Letter," it's got immediate hooks and a classic pop sound. The second song, "Pains for the Young," has a similarly breezy vibe with a bit more of a subtle approach. Both are fit for repeated listens. Check them out for yourself below, and catch Clip Art live on Tuesday, May 8th when they play Lincoln Hall with The Hudson Branch and The Belfry Hollers (8 p.m., 18 and over, $10. Tickets here).

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