Monday, April 9, 2012

Video: Unicycle Loves You throw a crazy dance party in 'Garbage Dump'

By Frank Krolicki

Watching people dance around crazily never really gets old. Unicycle Loves You clearly know this, having chosen to to create the new video for their track "Garbage Dump" all around this very concept. In addition to members of the band, the clip features a colorful mix of party-goers including girls with lasers coming out of their eyes, a masked dude in a zebra suit, a couple of zombies/ghouls and a truly frightening clown (clowns are typically frightening, but this one goes the extra mile with a gnarly monster hand!). "Garbage Dump"--which opens the band's excellent, recently-released record Failure--is a song perfect for shouting along to while dancing around like a fool, so the video is pretty much spot-on. See for yourself below, and catch ULY when they return to Chicago from touring the record with a show at the Empty Bottle on Tuesday, April 24th (with Terry Malts).

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