Monday, April 16, 2012

Go to There: April 17 - 23

By Andrew Hertzberg

Magic Milk
Tuesday, April 17th: Summer Girlfriends, Magic Milk, Bigcoulor, Swimsuit Addition at Lincoln Hall (8 PM, 18+, $8 adv, $10 dos)
I hate to admit it, but Loud Loop Press actually like some really good music. To prove it to you, they’ve set up this little shindig. If you're not familiar with all of these bands by now, here's a great chance to catch 'em all in one go.

Wednesday, April 18th: The First Time: First Apartment at Beat Kitchen (8 PM, 21+, $10)
The good people at Chirp Radio are doing something a little different tonight. Performers tell about their first apartments and songs are played involving those experiences. Go and break up your midweek monotony.

Thursday, April 19th: The Field Auxiliary at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+, $10)
The Field Auxiliary write genuine pop…generally. They provide plenty of curveballs to keep things interesting though: over-layered vocals counter the dead on harmonies, a bit of dissident keyboards stray from conventional melodies, and calamity that is newest single "Calamity City" provides enough hooks to balance out the, well, calamity. Check ‘em out opening for Brooklyn electronic dark-pop duo Tanlines.

Friday, April 20th: Soul Summit Dance Party at Double Door (9 PM, 21+, FREE)
Make the Friday night decision easy by going to the Double Door’s free soul night. This night calls in not only local DJs, but guys from Kansas and San Francisco. And keep coming back monthly: sometimes they’ve got live jams too.

Saturday, April 21st: Record Store Day 2012
Don’t make me pick just one. Seriously. I need more time to compile all the awesomeness that is happening today. Come back tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22nd: Joan of Arc at Double Door (8 PM, 21+, $15)

If you’re not too exhausted from the full Record Store Day antics, check out perennial indie rockers Joan of Arc at the perennial Wicker Park venue. The show is a benefit for Gold Star co-owener Susan Stursberg (who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer) with Del Rey, Coffin Pricks, the Ragtones, and DJ Bobby Conn rounding out the lineup.

Monday, April 23rd: Ono at the Burlington (9 PM, 21+, $5)

If I’ve said once, I’ve said it a million times (and I’ve probably said it a million times). If you’re into Chicago’s music scene and you haven’t seen Ono by now, you’re doing it wrong. I’m a recent convert myself, but it’s an impressive mix of performance art, noise, rock and gospel every time.

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