Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hear Fort Frances cover Beck

By Frank Krolicki

I'm always interested to see cover songs come through from Chicago artists--whether it's A Lull doing Springsteen or City States doing R.E.M.--to see what kind of unique spin the bands are able to offer tracks that originated with someone else. The latest to pop up is a Beck cover from folk-rock outfit Fort Frances. The band decided to take on the melancholy track "Guess I'm Doing Fine" off Beck's 2002 album Sea Change and deliver a version that's pretty faithful, but that at the same time takes the tune into an even mellower, more bittersweet direction. Great stuff! Hear/download for yourself below, and if you happen to be heading to Texas for SXSW, you can catch Fort Frances playing a few different shows there.

Guess I'm Doing Fine by Fort Frances

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