Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Go to There: March 6 - 12

By Andrew Hertzberg

Pillars and Tongues
Tuesday, March 6th Korallreven at Schubas (8PM, 18+, $14)
I’m a sucker for anything Swedish and beachy sounding. That's a drastic over-simplification of what the duo does, but with the status of Tough Alliance and Studio on the rocks, I’m looking forward to catching one of Korallreven’s lone US dates. Hoping to make the summer sound that much closer.

Wednesday, March 7th Pillars and Tongues at the Burlington (9 PM, 21+, $5)
There'll be some chanting, there'll be some ambient sounds, there'll definitely be repetition, and there'll probably be some parts where you're not quite sure what to make of it. That's Pillars and Tongues. Read a bit about what more to expect from Reagan's review last Fall.

Thursday, March 8th Bad Bad Meow at the Mutiny (9 PM, 21+, FREE)
For a band called Bad Bad Meow, for some reason I want to howl whenever I listen to them. At the Mutiny, it's only fueled by the mega-steins. Expect a rowdy evening, this'un. Read my review of 'Big Phat Pussycat' and listen to the album streaming for a preview.

Friday, March 9th Radar Eyes at the Burlington (9 PM, 21+, $5)
Radar Eyes are constantly making noise in this city, in and out of the garage. Finally having released an LP, you'll surely see their name a lot more. Buyer beware: you may get sprayed with beer at a Radar Eyes show.

Saturday, March 10th SXSW Send Off Party at the Hideout (1 PM, 21+, $10)
Sweet mercy there are a ton of great bands playing this thing. I recommend going early for Football and staying late for Kids These Days. Unicycle Loves You, Outer Minds, the Waco Brothers, In Tall Buildings and more in the middle. Full schedule up on the Hideout website.

Sunday, March 11th Le Rex at Hungry Brain  (10 PM, 21+, $10)
Hey, why not switch things up a bit and get into a set of improvised and experimental tunes courtesy of Umbrella Music. Not too many chances you’ll get to see a Swiss five-piece roaming around. If you’re looking for another reason to trust Umbrella Music, get an issue of the Chicagoan: there’s a profile on proficient and omnipresent drummer Mike Reed.

Monday, March 12th Unmanned Ship, T’Bone at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+, FREE)
If you're like me, T'Bone is a band you feel like you should have seen by now. You love 'Mt. Trashmore' for its clever lyrics and proggy yet punkish undertones, but for whatever reason, you haven't had the delight of seeing them live. Now's the time. Erratic instrumental noisemakers Unmanned Ship only sweeten the deal.

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