Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Chicago Sonic Coalition

By Andrew Hertzberg

(photo credit: John Yingling)
Over this past weekend, in a giant loft called Treasure Town in the Little Village neighborhood, the names of 68 musicians were thrown into a hat and 17 bands were created from there. Each band has 2 and a half months to create a 20 minute set of entirely new music (a cover is allowed though). So maybe you’ve been wondering what a collab between Close Hits and Wume would sound like? What could members of Magic Milk, Vamos and Heavy Times come up with? Just how loud could the noises combined by guys from Lechuguillas, Paper Mice and Bad Drugs get? Well, we all just have to wait until June 9th. Details as they come (or stay up to date by the giving the facebook page a like). Special thanks to Gonzo Chicago's John Yingling for throwing this all together.

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