Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Video: The Black Tape - 'I Love You'

By Frank Krolicki

For anyone who takes in a lot of new music, a good test of a song's power is how well it stays with you after not hearing it for a while. It was back in late 2009 that I first wrote about The Black Tape and their track "I Love You," but when I found out this week that all this time later they've come out with a video for it, I could hum the melody as if I'd just played it earlier that day. It's the sort of tune that can instantly make your day better for at least a few minutes whenever you put it on, and the clip channels its summery, romantic mood well. I was happy to find out that these guys are working on releasing a debut album. In the meantime, I think I'm going to play this every day.

You can check out the video, and also hear "Sunday," another of the few songs The Black Tape have recorded so far, below.

Sunday by The Black Tape


  1. Well I need something like this today, I'll have a listen when I get home!

  2. Good music. Will definitely listen again!!