Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Go to There: February 28 - March 5

By Andrew Hertzberg

Tuesday, February 28th: Memoryhouse at Schubas (8 PM, 18+, $12)
Wistful, longing, nostalgic…whatever you want to call it, the Canadian duo Memoryhouse does dream pop beautifully well. They sample from Jon Brion’s "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" soundtrack, and the moniker is taken from a Max Richter album. If any of these name drops and buzz words do anything for you, Memoryhouse is a must. Likeminded locals Tiny Fireflies open for ‘em.

Wednesday, February 29th: James Greer, Mutts at Empty Bottle (9 PM, 21+, FREE w/RSVP)
According to "30 Rock," it doesn't matter what you do on this extra day of the year. Except, ummm, duhhh, AWP is having a kick off party at the Bottle. Mutts make some dirty rock'n'roll that would certainly get the approval of Tom Waits. James Greer is in this little band you may have heard of called Guided By Voices. RSVP by midnight tonight and go for free. There'll be plenty of readings by like a million authors too. Check out the full details here.

Thursday, March 1st: Charming People, Absolutely Not at Hideout (9 PM, 21+, $8)
Absolutely Not bring to mind a more pissed off Thermals, substituting punk-pop for a buildings-on-fire immediacy of hooks. Charming People aren't as intense, but plenty catchy still, inflecting dream pop with a bit of '60s surf and girl group in there too.

Friday, March 2nd: Baby Teeth, Outer Minds at Schubas (10 PM, 21+, $10)
Not that this has been that harsh of a winter, but I think it's about time for a slew of Outer Minds shows, their Mamas and Papas-ish psych-pop can't help but make you feel warm and gooey. Baby Teeth are funky and glamorous and are throwing a party in honor of their newest album, White Tonight.

Saturday, March 3rd: Bone and Bell at Quenchers (9 PM, 21+, $5 suggested)
Bone & Bell is a name you will continue to see a lot. Now a quintet, B&B is the brainchild of artist and multi-instrumentalist Heather Smith, who is haunting and poetic in the vein of Jolie Holland and Rose Melberg. Acoustic and mellow, but never too folky and her voice is too commanding for lullabies.

Sunday, March 4th: Le Tour, ET Habit at the Whistler (10 PM, 21+, FREE)
Think about if Magic Milk were less down with surf-rock but started listening to Steppenwolf a lot more. Don't worry though, the fuzzed out vox are and cocksure swagger are still there.

Monday, March 5th: Wet Hair, Psychedelic Horseshit, Ed Schraeder's Music Beat at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+, FREE)
And now for the NSFW portion of shows this week. Iowa City's Wet Hair could be lumped in with the plethora of other psych-bands out there, but their Krautrock inspired tunes add a breath of fresh (well, hazy) air. Don't miss Psychedelic Horseshit so you can tell your grandkids that you saw one of the progenitors of "Shitgaze." According to Gonzo Chicago's video, Baltimore's Ed Schraeder beats the living hell out of a drum, has a gold medal in neck-vein-sticking-outage, and sweats a lot (go to 12:18).

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