Friday, February 3, 2012

Download a new Briar Rabbit track every Thursday in February

By Frank Krolicki

Following up his 2011 debut album Briar Rabbit and the Company You Keep, Briar Rabbit, a.k.a. Phillip-Michael Scales, recently recorded a four-track EP titled The Great Routine and he's releasing the songs one-by-one every Thursday this month.

The first track, "Coon," is available now for free download in exchange for a tweet. It's a thoughtful, melodic track with an air of sadness that sets the stage for the EP's concept, which reflects on old-time black minstrel shows from a modern-day perspective. The title track, "In My Head" and "Afterward (You Should Have Seen It)" will follow to complete the story.

Coinciding with Black History Month, The Great Routine is a project Phillip says was sparked by taking an African American Music History class and learning more about the late-1800s/early-1900s form of entertainment, particularly how black actors would perform in blackface.

Take a listen to "Coon" below and also check out a video of Phillip talking about his inspiration for the project. 

Briar Rabbit Presents "The Great Routine" from Briar Rabbit on Vimeo.

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