Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go to There: January 24 - 30

By Andrew Hertzberg

Tuesday, January 24th Tortoise at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+ $15)
It’s hard to beat Tortoise in the post rock game (vague genre descriptors be damned!). These locals have been at it for over 20 years and all the while with Thrill Jockey Records. Update: Unfortunately, the show is sold out already, so second bets go to Swedish death metal group Ghost at Bottom Lounge (interview on the Reader here) or the always reliable weekly Relax Attack series at the Whistler.

Wednesday, January 25th Ken Vandermark at Hideout (9:30, 21+, $10)
Speaking of jazz, I know we’re Windy City Rock, but doesn’t mean I don’t get down with something a little more out there from time to time. Vandermark is a staple in Chicago’s experimental and improvised scene. Bonus: show up early for the weekly Soup and Bread event.

Thursday, January 26th Bomb Banks at Mutiny (8:30 PM, 21+, FREE)
There’s not too much out there on these post-rockers yet (and a Google search might put you on some sort of list). For a taste, check out this video from Gonzo Chicago, and catch ‘em at a rare poking out from underground.

Friday, January 27th Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt at the Den Theater (10 PM, $5) 
There’s a lot going on this night that is great, but I made a promise to myself to plug TDPR whenever they came through town. This is probably the only band I’ve made a point to see two days in a row. Homemade props, inflatable snowmen, fantastic lights and a crowd-consuming tent all to the soundtrack of upbeat, love-of-everything dance/pop. Not to be missed at this off the beaten path space. (all the good info can be found on the facebook page)

Saturday, January 28th Mucca Pazza, Lasers and Fast and Shit at Double Door (9 PM, 21+, $15) Circus punks Mucca Pazza have made a name for themselves pretty much all over the city with their surreal genre-twisting. If you haven’t seen ‘em yet, this is a great chance to do so.

Sunday, January 29th Cass McCombs at Lincoln Hall (8 PM, 21+, $15)   
What McCombs lacks in the ferocity of many of these previous choices, he more than makes up for in lyrical depth and nuance. Last year’s Wit’s End finds the singer-songwriter traversing the same reflective landscape as Jon Brion and Sea Changes era Beck.

Monday, January 30th Pear Traps at Empty Bottle (9:30 PM, 21+, FREE)
Ultra Lo-Fi-wavers the Pear Traps return. As shown by the debut EP, The Pear Traps mellow Americana will be a fitting opener for Adam Arcuragi who is credited for popularizing the genre ‘Death Gospel.’

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