Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Company of Thieves cover Tom Petty on Lightbox Sessions

By Frank Krolicki

Recently Company of Thieves vocalist Genevieve Schatz and guitarist Marc Walloch were featured on Lightbox Sessions, where they recorded a brief interview and a few acoustic songs in an intimate setting. In addition to stripped down takes on their own tracks "Syrup" and "After Thought" off their fantastic 2011 album Running From a Gamble, the two decided to pull out a bit of Tom Petty in the form of "I Won't Back Down." The result is pretty special, with Genevieve's spot-on vocal squeezing every ounce of passion and conviction possible out of the song's message. I daresay Mr. Petty would be proud. Check out the video below, and if you're a fan, show the band some love by favoriting (let's just say that's a real word) the track on The Hype Machine. While you're at it, read what Genevieve and Marc had to say in a Paste Magazine interview that ran earlier this week.

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  1. Awesome covers and loved the stripped back versions, very talented band!