Friday, December 23, 2011

Tandem Shop Records gives the gift of free music

By Frank Krolicki

Merry almost Christmas, y'all. To add to all the seasonal fun, the people of Chicago's own Tandem Shop Records has put out their third annual holiday mix for free download. Wasn't that nice of them? You can now head over to their Bandcamp page to grab the entire thing, including two new songs from both The Island of Misfit Toys and Project Film, as well as tracks from Mr. Bear, Honest Engines and Tandem's newest addition, Many Places.

Although the tunes aren't really holiday-themed, try sneaking this on at the family get together when you've hit your breaking point from all the usual lame, overplayed stuff. It'll be sure to bring down the house. Or cause deep confusion. Either way, there's the potential for amusement. You can preview a couple of the selections below.

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