Thursday, December 29, 2011

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's to release new LP in March

By Shannon Shreibak

We’re all looking forward to New Year’s Eve. After a long year filled with hard work, stress and sleepless nights, we can finally end 2011 for good with the help of our methods of choice. It’s finally time to raise our glasses to yet another year. But Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s have more than 365 days to celebrate; they also have an album.

Rot Gut, Domestic, Margot’s fourth studio effort, will be released March 20th of 2012 from their own label, Mariel Recording Company. The new album further develops their unique style of guitar-driven indie pop. Rot is filled with the raw, lo-fi songs that dominated their 2010 release Buzzard, the beginning of an album trilogy wrought with their “panic pop” sound. This second installment remains consistent with Buzzard’s abandonment of bombastic orchestral arrangements that made Margot famous in order for a more focused rock sound.

Written in a mere 26 days, Margot frontman Richard Edwards began the process during a retreat in Pismo Beach, California in the wake of last spring. Searching for solace from the exhaustion of touring and severe stomach pain, he headed to the band’s west coast mecca after commencing the Buzzard tour. Using character development and imagery stemming from his experiences in the Midwest, Edwards paints an evocative musical landscape that envelops listeners in thick rock arrangements.

In celebration of this major accomplishment, MNSS will be performing at Deluxe at Amber Room in their hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, on New Year’s Eve. Made exclusively for the NYE show, a limited edition 7-inch vinyl of Rot’s lead single “Prozac Rock” with B-Side “Fingertips” will be on sale. Any left over from the stock of 500 will be available to donors of the band’s PledgeMusic campaign before being made available to the public. “Prozac Rock” will hit the web on January 3rd.

Rot Gut, Domestic track listing:
1. Disease Tobacco Free
2. Books About Trains
3. Shannon
4. Prozac Rock
5. A Journalist Falls In Love
6. Frank Left
7. Fisher of Men
8. Arvydas Sabonis
9. Coonskin Cap
10. Ludlow Junk Hustle
11. The Devil
12. Christ

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