Monday, December 5, 2011

Download a new track from Unicycle Loves You

By Frank Krolicki

photo: Meagan Fredette
Chicago trio Unicycle Loves You loves you so much that they want to give you a brand new track from their forthcoming album Failure for free. I feel like everyone takes free mp3s for granted these days because nearly every band offers them and frankly a lot of them suck. But this one is in the camp that ensures free mp3s will never stop being worth getting a bit giddy over. "Wow Wave Cinema," operative word being "wave," takes you on a great big, joyous fuzz pop ride that doesn't stop for anything until it comes to a halt at two-minutes and fifty-seven seconds. Grab it below and keep an eye out for Failure on Valentine's Day 2012.

Download MP3: Unicycle Loves You - "Wow Wave Cinema"

As a bonus, check out another new track, "Sun Comes Out (And I Don't Care)," that ULY have released to preview the record. It features the same poppy goodness with a bit more of a '60s pysch vibe.

Sun Comes Out (And I Don't Care) by UnicycleLovesYou

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  1. Oh boy I just want to get home from work and download this NOW! Thanks for the heads up and I agree the free MP3 is usually awful.