Monday, November 7, 2011

Free show tonight: Bird Names, Cave, Running at the Empty Bottle

By Andrew Hertzberg

The Empty Bottle strikes again. Free Mondays never fail, especially when all of the bands playing are super solid. As their name implies, it’s sort of hard to know exactly when to catch Running (some of that may be their pseudo-Luddite opposition to social media). Either way, their 12-minute post punk noise is always welcome at the Bottle, and it may be awhile before we let you know when they’re playing again. Still riding buzz off the recently released Neverendless, Cave brings their trance-like kraut-rock to the stage second. As movement seems to be the theme of the night, here’s a video of the four-piece playing on the back of a flatbed. From bipeds and trucks to flight, the night closes out with Bird Names (one of the silliest bands I’ve ever Googled without a modifier like "music" or "Chicago"). As the name of their most recent album Metabolism: a Salute to the Energy of the Sun implies, expect a freaky psychout that will most likely leave you fawning over the cosmic vibes and saying things like "far out" and "groovy."

Tonight's show is 21+, starts at 9:30 and is totally free. The Empty Bottle is located at 1035 N. Western Ave.

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