Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tonight: Light FM, The Assembly, Farewell Captain at Subterranean

By Frank Krolicki

If you were frequenting live shows in Chicago during the first few years of this century, chances are Light FM is a familiar name. Back then the band was a local favorite, but eventually frontman Josiah Mazzaschi took off for the warmer temperatures of L.A. where he founded his own studio, The Cave, and put together a new version of his one-time Windy City band. While we can no longer claim Light FM as our own, a homecoming of sorts will go down at Subterranean tonight, October 23rd, as they play a headlining set before they head back to California after opening on this month's Smashing Pumpkins tour. Adding even more incentive to head out are alt-rockers The Assembly--whose driving, moody sound will return soon after a bit of a hiatus via a new album The Future Has Been Sold--and Farewell Captain, featuring ex-members of the Chicago version of Light FM. This one's bound to be worth the trip out on a Sunday night. The show starts at 8:30 and costs $8 (click here for tickets, but note that the bio inaccurately describes the '80s, Feargal Sharkey-fronted Assembly instead of Chicago's Assembly).

Light FM -For Better or Worse by lightfm!

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