Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Video: Very Truly Yours - 'Girls Tell You Secrets'

By Frank Krolicki

I hate the word "twee." I try to avoid using it because it can have a connotation of lameness, even when what's being described is actually very good. But I can't help it. The new video from Chicago indie pop act Very Truly Yours is twee. It's as twee as a kitten drinking a bowl of rainbow juice while riding on top of a pony. And I love it for that. Balloons, a cute dog, a beach, happy people? Check. Bouncy melody, jangly guitars, wispy, girlish vocals? Check. If you're going to go twee, go all out, I say. Wear it loud and proud. And Very Truly Yours most certainly do. See for yourself below and download an mp3 of the track free from Cloudberry Records, who also have it available as a 7" single.

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