Friday, September 16, 2011

This Sunday: ? & the Mysterians, Mucca Pazza, Mad Professor & more

By Andrew Hertzberg

Mucca Pazza
Every once in a while, there are days in this city that have such an abundance of musical options that it becomes a nuisance. The freedom of choice metamorphisizes into a burden and I become lost in the city I claim to know so well, decisions creating doubt that maybe I picked the wrong event to attend. Well, this Sunday, I don’t quite expect that despair, as literally EVERYTHING seems amazing and worthy of my and any of you who’re reading this’ time. Aside from the Brilliant Corners music fest / circus sideshow I previewed earlier this week (Sunday featuring Shellac, A Lull, Dan Deacon and Fool’s Gold), this city is alive elsewhere, breathing pure creativity all day. Here are couple options for ya and whoever goes to the most events wins. Check it:

Bash On Wabash
I could mention the local talent that WCR is quite a fan of playing this fest such as White Mystery, Dastardly and the Congregation. But what threw me through a loop was that the headliners to the weekend bash on Sunday was going to be ? and the Mysterians. For those that don’t know, ’96 Tears’ is seriously the jam, a 60s garage-pop gem that went on to inspire many in the early punk scene. Was shocked they were still around, and although seeing classic acts is usually more for the novelty than anything else, this is one that may be worth it. For more info and full lineup, click on over here.

Mucca Pazza at Logan Square Monument
Want something outdoors but live on the northside? Empty Bottle hosts its fourth installment of the Logan Square Music Series featuring local circus-punk marching band, Mucca Pazza. If you’ve never seen them before, it’ll definitely be a treat, particularly if the weather holds up, and I’m sure the band will make great use of the outdoor space. Opening it up is Lord of the Yum Yum, the one man vocal looping machine whose been known to drop a beat over some Bach. This starts at 4 PM and is FREE with an RSVP.

Empty Bottle
If you want Mucca Pazza in a more intimate setting, they do play the Bottle that night (10 PM, $14). However, beforehand is the Permanent Records 5 Year Anniversary Party. It’s headlined by Frenchies Cheveu and opened up by E+ (who claim members from Disappears and Heavy Times) but I’m promised by John Yingling from Gonzo Chicago that Running is not to be missed. Check out a video he shot by them earlier this year and decide for yourself if the Big Black adoring post punks are worth it. The early show is $8 and starts at 7 PM. 

Back to the South Loop is another legend in his own right. Not quite the name of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Mad Professor was a second-wave dub artist that was known for throwing in a lot of absurd, space-age sound effects over traditional roots reggae songs. I listened to this guy a lot in high school, and its sort of a bummer to see his style bastardized by the current wave of dubstep, but what’re gonna do? Had no idea he was still performing so I'll take it. The show is 18+, starts at 7 PM and is $10 advance or $12 day of. (Bonus: Mad Professor is playing at Martyrs on Saturday the 17th as well; both shows are part of the World Music Festival). 

So you like the clubs eh? You like the nightlife and you like to boogie? That’s usually where Beauty Bar comes in. Except scratch the DJs tonight; they’ve got some live performances. Idiot Glee is the stage name of James Friley, the vocal looping, Beach Boys inspired 23 year old who can both hit an emotional nerve or make you sway to his beats. Sounds like just another bedroom musician, but keep in mind the classical piano background from a young age, and you notice more of the subtleties than most in the same league. Local psych poppers BIGCOLOUR opens.

Oh, cool, not enough for you? Want a little more low key? Well Rodeo’s at Memories, Bad Bad Meow’s at Quenchers, Orange Alert Reading Series at the Whistler (for you cocktail-swilling non-rockers)…find something to do!

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