Friday, September 2, 2011

Preview: Save the Clocktower, Brontosaurus, more at Beat Kitchen, 9/3

By Frank Krolicki

Save the Clocktower (photo: Jacob S. Knabb)
It might be "summer's last stand" in Union Park this weekend via North Coast Music Festival, but there's also some solid indoor shows for those of you who are festivaled-out or looking to keep the music going afterward. One option is Beat Kitchen this Saturday, September 3rd, which has a great selection of Chicago bands lined up.

Headlining is Save the Clocktower. As WCR's own Sasha Geffen elaborated on a while back in her review of the band's latest album Carousel, the trio draw from a handful of familiar sounds--shoegaze, electonica, dream pop--and weave them into a captivating style of their own. It's a sound that's somehow both warm and synthetic at the same time, with each song offering up enough personality and variation to avoid the pitfall of monotony that can plague lesser bands who dabble in those genres. Even if you're planning to spend Saturday at North Coast, you'll have plenty of time to head over to Beat Kitchen for STC--they don't hit the stage until 11:30 p.m.

On right before them are Brontosaurus, who also seem to know a thing or two about keeping their music interesting. Although in their case, the emphasis is less on pop hooks and melody and more on adding adventurous twists and turns to their powerful, proggy folk-rock. Sasha also recently wrote up her thoughts on these guys and their release Cold Comes to Claim, so be sure to check that out to get even more prepared.

City States and When Clouds Attack will start off the night. Not previously being familiar with the latter, after doing a quick search I was preparing myself for having to forgive them for two things: forcing me to listen on a MySpace page and being instrumental. Thankfully, I found that they also have a blog and that they manage to make instrumental sound pretty interesting (to me, something not easy to do). Whew. Their post-rock has a really alluring ambiance that would serve as a nice soundtrack to zoning out for a while.

Like STC, the hub of City States' sound is electro-driven pop, summed up well in their most recent single "Evened Out" and its B side "Simplified." You can hear and download both tracks for free here, and keep an eye out for an upcoming 5-song EP. And oh yeah, they also do a pretty mean Police cover.

Doors at 9, show at 9:30. $8, 21 and over. Tickets here.

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