Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A few Chicago music news bites

  • Not ready to let Lollapalooza go just yet? Fuse let us know they've got video interviews live with two of this year's performers--Grace Potter and Damian Kulash of OK GO--discussing the fest and their thoughts on Chicago. 
  • Speaking of Lolla, Jim DeRogatis continues his crusade to out any questionable behavior surrounding the fest with a Vocalo.org blog post probing further into its "tax-and-competition-free sweetheart deal."
  • Word spread fast Monday that another band on the Lolla schedule this year, Alaska's Portugal. The Man, unfortunately had their van and trailer full of gear stolen from a nearby parking lot. The latest news is that the van and trailer have been found, but were empty. Click here for a list of all the gear still missing.
  • You can add another batch of mp3s to your collection of Daytrotter sets from Chicago bands with this new one from Company of Thieves. It includes takes on four songs off their recently-released sophomore record Running From a Gamble.
  • LoudLoopPress.com reviewed the debut EP from Windy City-based husband-wife duo The Halamays. Check out what they had to say and listen to the opening track "Sun Goes Down" below.
Sun Goes Down by The Halamays

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  1. Sorry to hear you've had bad times, good news you got your van & trailer back anyway.