Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video: Dastardly - 'Villain'

By Frank Krolicki

Sometimes a band doesn't have to do much to get you on their side. Example: the first time I read about Dastardly it made me think of Wacky Races and its handlebar-mustached villain of the same name, which pretty much led to an instant like. Fortunately I was able to further justify this like once I heard the music (as WCR's own Sasha Geffen detailed in her review of Dastardly's debut EP May You Never..., the band's style of slightly off-kilter Americana is really worth hearing). Speaking of villains and villainesque mustaches, Dastardly offer up both in the new video for their track titled, uhh, "Villain." It's quality stuff, which you can check out below. Also be sure to check out the guys (and girl) when they play Wicker Park Fest on Sunday, July 24th--they hit the south stage at 2:15.

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