Thursday, July 28, 2011

This weekend: Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

By Andrew Hertzberg

As this is a music blog, and specifically a "rock" music blog, this isn’t necessarily the proper forum (nor do I consider myself the proper authority) to discuss urban dynamics and gentrification. I was struck by an article in the Reader last year discussing a Logan Square resident’s concern about the "Pitchforkification" of the festival and increasingly hipster vibe to the ‘hood in general. Whether Logan Square and the arts community is strengthened or more sharply divided by the fest can be left up for debate. What I am sure of is that unlike some other fests (cough*Wicker Park*cough), MAAF keeps things mostly (entirely?) local, including the headliners. 

The fest is pretty much a grab bag of local favorites and many of which we’ve covered in the past. Super funky outfit JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, garage rock bro and sis White Mystery, rabble-rousing rabble-rousers Rabble Rabble, psych-popping Netherfriends, minimal pop of Tyler Jon Tyler…you’ve probably read enough about these bands and this is great opportunity to conveniently experience ‘em all in one place. And to be fair, the music isn't about blog fodder and "hipster" bands. If you’re looking for something new, get down with South Side emcee Rita J, mash up DJs the Hood Internet, or check out various Latin American inspired tunes from Beaba do Samba, Papo Santiago and Los Vicios de Papa. Click here for the complete schedule. 

The fest is going all this weekend (Friday 4 PM – 11PM; Saturday and Sunday Noon-11 PM) along Milwaukee Ave. between Kimball and California. There’ll be plenty of music, art, food and all around culture to check out. If you’re not getting out to Pilsen’s own fest this weekend, make sure to hit up this one.

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  1. yeah, we didn't even know it was all locals until we saw the list of bands today and recognized a whole bunch of them. We got to check out Matadora at the Cole's Stage. They put on a good show.