Thursday, July 7, 2011

Show preview: Audiences, the Leadership at Lincoln Hall, 7/9

By Andrew Hertzberg

(Poster by: Jillian Rahn)
So obviously Lincoln Hall is one of the greatest venues in the city. What makes it better? When they team up with Betta Promotions to host some great local bands. Here's what they got brewing on Saturday:

Opening up the evening is Antony Ablan and the Tramps with their vaguely gypsy but constantly unpredictable jams. I mean, here’s a link to the tunes, but according to Anthony: “A song to me is living, and it needs to be free to change and grow, go wherever it pleases on any given night. You nail it down and it dies a little, maybe completely.” So don’t expect just the recording, hell, don’t expect anything. Jellybones pop up next, with a more psychedelic, Secret Colours type flair: dissonant guitar and hihats hit as loud as possible. Likewise, there’s a tinge of ELO pop sensibilities, without the overindulgence. 

Up third is a band who continue to prove why we can’t ignore our downstate brothers in Urbana completely. The home of Polyvinyl continues to create other great indie-pop bands. The Leadership wouldn’t be out of place on a bill with Santah: poignant lyrics, catchy hooks and a shining Replacements influence all diverge into one golden band. Headlining this shindig? Audiences, who wear their 70s inspirations on their sleeves, with the perspective of '90s indie rock. Expect some cathartic upbeats and even more emotive, harmonic vocal breakdowns. Get a taste of a set from Lincoln Hall earlier this year on bandcamp.

Conclusion: you’ll be moving the whole night. This show starts at 10 PM, is for any human being over 18 years and only for the measly price of seven bones. Bills like this are hard to find; get on it and catch all these great bands at once.  

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