Thursday, July 21, 2011

New single, video from Future Ghosts

By Andrew Hertzberg

Future Ghosts have been keeping busy lately. A full length (Light on Canvas) is in the works, and they released the first single, "Radiatorsong," (b/w "Orange Peel") a couple weeks back. The A side is a hazy, atmospheric number with nomadic guitars, a sweet and dreamy chorus and some la-la-la’s to bring it all home. The B side is driven by the toms, and right when it pulls you into a trance with the "right now" mantra…well, just you listen. Download both for free on Bandcamp. Did I mention there’s a video to go along with the A side too? Check out that sucker below. So audio and video ain’t your thing? You need the live experience? Fine. You win: tomorrow night, Friday July 22nd at the No Exit CafĂ© (6970 N. Glenwood) at 8 PM. Wasn’t sure all ages, FREE shows still existed, but apparently they do. They’ll be playing with like-minded dream-poppers Panda Riot.

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