Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Single from The Loneliest Monk - 'Hiding Places'

By Sasha Geffen

Look who showed up on my Chicago Mixtape this week! Looks like The Loneliest Monk have been taking a turn for the epic in their songwriting. Their new single, "Hiding Places," flays any expectations of what a cello and drum duo might sound like. Shrill electric riffs build the track up to adrenaline-flooded highs. Cellist Michelle Morales takes a turn at the mic to provide teeth-gnashing vocals atop seething punk rhythms. It's a little bit Fiery Furnaces, a little bit HEALTH, and all-around an exciting direction for the Monk to be heading.

Over on side B, "He Is the Bad One" returns to a more recognizable place as slow acoustic layers knit together into a magnificent crescendo. The dark mystery of the track complements side A's unbuckled mania as it exhibits a refinement of the neo-Victorian art punk we've come to love.

The Loneliest Monk will be releasing the "Hiding Places" 7 inch on ruby red vinyl at Reggie's Rock Club this Friday, July 8th. You can purchase a $10 release package now, which includes a ticket to the show, an immediate digital download of the single and a copy of the 7 inch when you swing by to celebrate its release. But first, you can stream both sides of the single below.

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