Monday, July 25, 2011

AHHH!!! Pilsen Music Festival needs your help

By Andrew Hertzberg

I know what you’re thinking. The Chicago Summer Festival season is already over saturated, there’s too much going on, the sound sucks outdoors, the bands don’t represent Chicago, these things are getting more and more crowded, more corporate, etc. etc. etc. If you’re in the defeatist camp that feels this way, probably best to stop reading right now. However, if you want to see arts and culture thrive in our city and want to feel like a part of it, why not consider helping out the people at AHHH!!!! Pilsen Music Festival? Running a festival is hard enough but going full on DIY means community building and local support. That’s why the folks putting on the fest this year have started a Kickstarter page for You the Fan to contribute to. As with any project on the site goes, you only end up actually funding if the project meets its goal, which in this case is $2,000 by Friday. They’re about halfway there, so start spreading the word to make sure artists get some cash, safe stages can be built, ample sound equipment is provided and more of the plentiful and minute details to make sure this thing runs smoothly.

The fest is scheduled to go down this Saturday, July 30th on Morgan St. just north of 18th. Music runs from noon 'til nine with a $5 suggested donation. The lineup is a diverse mix ranging from the straight up rock 'n’ roll of Close Hits, the vocal-looping eclectic soul of Natalie Grace Alford, the head-bobbing poetic beats of Bob Rok and DJ Mar, the LOOOOOUUUUUDDDDD Lechuguillas, and mucho mas. Click here for full schedule. After that, the party heads indoors to Simone’s with DJs spinning all night.

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